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If you are struggling with life changes, relationships, or managing general stress, there is hope.  Everyone struggles with something, but not everyone knows where to turn to seek help and support as they grow.  While every person has struggles unique to their story, struggling is a very normal process.  The choice we have is how we face those struggles and learn from them.  Regardless of the issues we face, we do not have to do so alone.  What makes those that seek help different is not that they are not strong enough, but rather that they have the courage to try and change to be better.  My role is to honor that courage and help foster the skills and motivation to have the strength and support to handle whatever life throws at you.  

Life can always change

for the better



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My name is Adam Clement and I am a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist in Kansas. I believe that every person has within themselves amazing resources for change and it is my job to help uncover, foster, and encourage those strengths. Given a new perspective and increased awareness of self, anyone can enjoy a fuller and peaceful life in which they make more confident and effective decisions.

I provide counseling, education, and assessment for families, couples, and individual of all ages.  My areas of interest and expertise include couples' communication and vulnerability, addiction education and recovery, adjustment through life transitions, and balancing work stress.  

I myself am married to my wonderful wife Annie with whom I have a daughter, Elizabeth.  I reside and operate a private practice in Kansas City.  My practice is associated with a group of mental health practitioners, Christian Psychological Services of Kansas City.  


Counseling in depression and anxiety from grief, trauma, and loss Also includes addictions and substance dependence situations.


Everything from stepfamily integration, parenting, family therapy, and much more.


what  I  DO





Specializing in premarital, conflict resolution, and financial issues


How can therapY help me?

Participating in therapy can have many benefits. Therapists can provide support, foster problem-solving and coping skills, encourage growth, and help to repair and mediate unhealthy relationships, to name a few. Therapy often offers fresh perspectives and insights into difficult or long term issues. The benefits therapy can yield depend on the willingness and effort put into the process. Therapy is taking a risk, but the rewards for doing so far outweigh the costs.


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